Miami County landowners who want to preserve their farmland can sell their development rights to the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) through the Clean Ohio Agricultural Easement Purchase Program.  This is a voluntary program that allows the current owners to continue to own the land as well as preserve the productivity of the farm for future generations.


A landowner who is interested in preserving their farmland will need to have a local sponsor in order to apply for the program.  A local sponsor could either be the Miami County Board of Commissioners, Board of Township Trustees, Municipal Officials, Land Trust, or the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District.  The local sponsor will submit an application to the Ohio Department of Agriculture on the landowner’s behalf.  If accepted into the program, the easement for the land will be jointly held by the local sponsor and the Ohio Department of Agriculture.


If you own a farm in Miami County and are interested in preserving the farm with an Agricultural Easement, you can either visit the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website listed below, or call the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District at 937.335.7645 for more information about this program. Agriculture Easement


Miami SWCD Application Deadline-February 15


            Now through February 15th, 2019, the Miami SWCD will accept applications from Ohio landowners interested in selling an agricultural easement on their farms through the Ohio Department of Agriculture Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP), made possible from allocations from the Clean Ohio Fund.  

The easement requires the:

·         Farm remain permanently in agriculture production

·         Farm must be 40 acres or more

·         Participation in the Current Agricultural Use Valuation program

·         Owners demonstrate good stewardship of the land

·         Support of their local government

·         Land not lay directly in the path of development


            Landowners may use the proceeds of the easement in any way they wish, but most reinvest it in their farm operations.


Funding for the program is derived from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, approved by voters in 2008. When combined with easements from all programs, 449 family farms in 59 counties have collectively preserved more than 73,500 acres in agricultural production.


For more information on Ohio’s farmland preservation effort visit:   If you think you’d like to pursue this opportunity, please contact Linda Raterman or Kreig Smail at Miami SWCD at 335-7645 or visit our offices at 1330 N. County Rd 25A, Troy.