For their efforts in good stewardship, conservation measures, improvements to their operation and utilizing practices and programs encouraged by the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District, the Board of Supervisors have named Brent and Jenna Clark Cooperators of the Year for 2023.

With 45 acres of pasture, some conservation practices implemented through EQIP include fencing off the creeks to prevent cattle from eroding the banks, installing several automatic water station and lines providing fresh drinking water, creek crossings, and heavy use pads.  He’s also added a covered dry stack manure/compost building, allowing him to store about 6 months worth of manure so when the crops are harvested, they can then apply the manure, providing once again the nutrients the crops have used.  The property has installed systematic tile within the last 5 years and primarily use minimum or no till using a crop rotation of corns/soybeans, occasional wheat and planting triticale for feed. Grassed waterways on the property amount to 1.22 acers and grass strips border their woodlands.

Brent is the 6th generation farmer on his side and remarked that his sons will be 7th, but they will be the 11th generation on Jenna’s side.  Those sons, Baine, 11, Beckett, 8, and Baylor, 6, are actively part of the farm and are showing quite an aptitude for it, especially Baine, who recently earned 5th place in Junior Fair Dark Cross Barrow and champion in the Barrow Division at this past Ohio State Fair.

Jenna also works as a neo-natal Nurse Practitioner at Dayton Children’s Hospital. .

Brent and Jenna will also be receiving the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s 2023 Ohio Conservation Farm Family Award, to be presented to them at this year’s Farm Science Review.  See Link for story –
A display was presented at the Miami County Fair and to further highlight their accomplishments, Brent, Jenna, Baine, Beckett and Baylor will be awarded a plaque, sign and clothing at this year’s All Ag Banquet to be held on September 7th at the Duke Lundgard Building on the Miami County Fairgrounds. Congratulations Clark Family on a job well done!!