Miami SWCD Mission

We are committed to provide quality conservation assistance to the people we serve in Miami County, Ohio.

What is the SWCD?

As an organization our goal is to be responsible leaders in promoting innovative stewardship of natural resources through the development of conservation partnerships to enhance the quality of life for those in Miami County, Ohio. The Miami SWCD is committed to providing quality conservation assistance through technical and informational assistance, educational classroom instruction to Miami County students, as well as presentations or workshops to all residents of Miami County.


In an effort to promote conservation, Miami SWCD provides technical and informational assistance to Miami County residents. Through our own resources and through partnerships with local, state and federal organizations and agencies, we deliver information on soil formation, soil erosion, water resources, wildlife habitat, pond construction and management, resource conservation, recycling, geology, tree and ground cover planting, watersheds and wetlands.

Get Involved

Part of Miami SWCD’s vision is to promote innovative stewardship of natural resources and we strive to do so by providing opportunities for individuals to participate or volunteer for events planned or promoted by Miami SWCD. These events include our Annual Tree Seedling Sale, Tire Recycling, Clean Up events and more.

Meet Our Board of Supervisors

The Miami SWCD Board of Supervisors meets regularly on the second Tuesday of the month
at 8:00 a.m. in the District Office located at 1330 North County Road 25A, Troy, Ohio.
Public is always welcome.

Jeff Shoup | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Jeff Shoup

Board member since 2018

Jeff resides in Lostcreek Township and is a retired Ag teacher and former principal at the Montgomery County CTC. After retiring, Jeff began farming full time, while his dad took a step back. Using minimum till in a corn/soybean rotation and working over 700 acres, Jeff also maintains the waterways on the property.

Don Hiegel | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Don Hiegel

Vice Chairman
Board member since 2016

Don has lived on the same farm in Elizabeth Township for over 50 years, which has been in his family since 1918. His farm has become a Century Farm. Don has been farming for over 60 years. He is 75% retired but farms with his son, son-in-law and grandsons. They farm 900 acres and custom farm 500 more. They have been 100% no-till for 5 years and have incorporated strip-till, with fertilizer in the strip. Don is involved with 2 federal programs and also Farmland Preservation through Elizabeth Township. Don was on the FFA County Committee for 6 years and has been a Miami County Farm Bureau member for more years than he can remember and previously spent 20 years selling Pioneer Hybrid. Don has 2 children, 6 grandkids, and several great grandchildren.

Brian Francis | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Brian Francis

Board member since 2021

Brian and his wife Nikki reside on Peterson Road in Staunton Township with their two daughters and son. A 4th generation farmer, Brian and his dad, Jeff farm 1800 acres within several townships. They farm using minimum/strip till with a corn/soybean/wheat rotation, and sometime ‘dabble’ in hay.

Andy Shuman | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Andy Shuman

Fiscal Agent
Board member since 2016

Andy lives in Concord Township where he and his wife Jessica raised their 5 sons! Andy was raised on a dairy farm operated by his parents, and he’s been farming on his own since 2005, currently working about 215 acres on a corn/bean/wheat rotation. Andy also works for Choice One Engineering and has been there for nearly two decades.

Diane Yingst | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Diane Yingst

Board member since 2010

Diane resides in Brown Township with her husband John. Their daughter, Lindsey, is a Miami East alum and soon to be graduate of Otterbein University. She and her husband farm nearly 3000 acres of corn and soybeans using both minimum till and no-till. In addition to taking part in FSA programs, Diane and her husband have also enrolled in the Conservation Security Program and have installed several grassed waterways and are always interested in embracing technology to benefit their operation. Raised on a farm in nearby Lost Creek Township, Diane is very familiar with agriculture, but also spent 20 years in the banking industry before changing careers back to full time farming life.

Meet Our Staff

Kreig Smail | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Kreig Smail

District Administrator and Drainage Technician
(937) 335-7645 ext. 103

Kristin Lewber | Miami SWCD

Kristin Lewber

Administrative Assistant
(937) 335-7645 ext. 101

Jennifer Korte | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Jennifer Korte

District Technician
(937) 335-7645 ext. 105

Linda Raterman | Miami SWCD

Linda Raterman

Information Specialist
(937) 335-7645 ext. 102

Erika Kemper

(937) 335-1918 ext. 3
(614) 653-3373 mobile

Renee Buck | Miami County Soil & Water Conservation District

Renee Buck

Pheasants Forever Inc.
(937) 578-8264